Quality shower and bathroom sourcing by Yowa sourcing

Quality shower and bathroom sourcing by Yowa sourcing

At Yowa Sourcing, we offer metal shower accessories, bathroom shelves and fittings, pedal bins, shower screens and grab bars to match various contemporary styles. All shower & bathroom products that we source fall under our quality guarantee, and may be legally imported into Europe at 0% VAT, making sourcing quality products with us safe and financially attractive for our.

We have unrivalled links to quality shower suppliers, allowing us to produce a wide range of OEM designs & product ranges, to match client design and quality requirements. This making sourcing secure, fast, and worry free.

At Yowa Sourcing, we guarantee conformity to EU standards. Our British engineers supervise manufacturing at all key stages. This makes sourcing safe and convenient for our clients.

An added bonus of sourcing through Yowa Sourcing is that through our partners we can now offer 0% VAT sourcing into the European Union.

For most of our sourcing clients, we provide OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products, as per their design and specification. As a  guideline, these are the general engineering components of all shower & bathroom products that we source:

Tempered Safety Glass

Yowa Sourcing shower  screens and enclosures are made using high quality tempered glass to match EN 12150-1 standard of conformity (equivalent to BS 6206-A)

Water and dirt repellent Nano coatings

Shower screens and enclosures, as well as wet room and bathtub screens can be treated with a German engineered hydrophobic coating, making glass panels water repellent, and preventing the build up of lime scale and dirt. The coating also greatly simplifies cleaning and drying of all glass panels. Through Yowa Sourcing it is also possible to purchase coating kits & solutions separately.

Aluminium extrusions and steel profiles

Shower cabin and shower enclosure frames, either aluminium or steel, can be made to match client specifications. Yowa Sourcing offers various designs and surface finishes such as mirror finish, PVD, powder coatings etc.

Glass panel thickness

Float glass panels come in thicknesses of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. J-bent and curved glass panels may also be sourced.

Glass panel size

Glass heights can vary according to application, and can range from 1400mm (bathtub screens), and from 1600mm – 2100mm for shower cabins & shower enclosures

Adjustable rollers & hinges

Long lasting double and triple headed hinges, that are guaranteed for either 20,000 or 40,000 cycles.

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